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2018-2021. Fondecyt Regular (n° 1180498). Advanced computational modeling for bioprocess optimization and design. Biochemical integration and experimental validation as key issues

2016-2017 Proyecto redes internacionales entre centros de investigación (CONICYT) (n° REDES150118). Advanced computational modeling as a key tool for process engineering design and optimization. Centro extranjero: Universidad de Alberta, Depto de Ingeniería Química y Materiales.

2013-2016 Fondecyt de Iniciación (n° 11130462). Pretreatment applications as the way of enhance the feasibility of the solid waste biomethanation. Experimental assessment and mathematical modeling.


2020-2024. Fondecyt Regular (n° 1200971). Biopolymers production from solid urban wastes. Investigador responsable: Andrea Carvajal (USM).

2017-2018 Fondecyt Regular (n° 1150982). Sewer mining: getting resources from sewage. Investigador responsable: David Jeison (PUCV).

2014-2016 Proyecto redes internacionales entre centros de investigación (CONICYT). DYMECOS2 (Dynamical Microbial and Environmental eCOSystms).

2013-2014 Ecos Conicyt project (C12E05). Toward next generation biohydrogen production: wider application range and new insights in process understanding through molecular ecology and bioprocess modeling.

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